Creature Sounds

is an independent record label started in 2010. It was created in order to easily release my own (Simone Wingfors)

and my friends music.

So far albums by; Skatan, Kristina Issa, Joel Bille, Härliga Trion & Simone Wingfors have

been released.

Simone Wingfors -Orda 2016
Härliga Trion - Vi var en härlig trio, så vi kallas oss "Härliga Trion". 2013
Skatan - Feather Souls Heavy Waters 2017
Simone Wingfors - Brokiga 2016
Skatan - Seven Trees 2012
Kristina Issa - Ocean Unknown -2017
Kristina Issa - Afraid of Whales 2014
Skatan - We are all children with different titles 2010

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