So far albums by: Skatan

Kristina Issa

Joel Bille

Bortre Rymden, Härliga Trion Simone Wingfors have been released.

Kristina Issa - Ocean Unknown -2017
Härliga Trion - Vi var en härlig trio, så vi kallas oss "Härliga Trion". 2013

Creature Sounds is an independent record label started in 2010. It was created in order to easily release my own (Simone Wingfors) and my friends music.

Simone Wingfors -Orda 2016
Skatan - Seven Trees 2012
Skatan - Feather Souls Heavy Waters 2017
Kristina Issa - Afraid of Whales 2014
Skatan - We are all children with different titles 2010

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