I'm an artist, songwriter, musician, singer and sound explorer from Göteborg, Sweden. Since 2009 I've played live and released four albums under the name Skatan and two under my own name. My newest project is RAVEN.

I work with sound as my primary expression and I’ve released several albums under my own record label Creature Sounds. My creation is a process where I collect sounds, pictures, movies, bodily experiences, words, bark, hair, buttons etc. Sort them into folders in my computer, in boxes under my bed. Take them out, put together, combine them into soundscapes, scenes and spaces.

I make music and sound for film, documentaries, theatre & other art project and I write lyrics in both Swedish & English.I also work with other art forms such as video, photo, illustrations and scenography.

I'm always open for new projects, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Original Score to Paulina Witte & Malin Ekströms short documentary Nu finns jag igen (2019)

Orda was released in 2016 and are recorded and produced by me.

I've worked with the Stockholm based theatre group called Teaterhjälten and made sound and music for their show Bit Mig which was performed at Fria Teatern in Stockholm between October and November 2016.

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The song Tidsfördriv is played in the short movie Crush made by Martina Carlstedt. It  was shown on Svtplay during 2017.


Iscensättning av Inti Chavez Perez text Sortering av Lorcas hästar. I rollerna: Fanny Näslund som Blanco, Simone Wingfors som Raya och Inti Chavez Perez som Penumbra.

I have made music for the dance & theatre show Din hand har gjort allt detta which had its premiere in February 2014. The show is part of Herstory, a project which goal is to highlight the life and artistery of female artist from the past and presence.

Check them out: Skapet


Music by Joel Bille and Simone Wingfors. Poem by Karin Boye.

Poem by Felicia Mullinari & Simone Wingfors. Music by Simone Wingfors.

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