“I mean, when I listen to her, I focus on her voice as if she was talking to me and me only. I guess this is what a storyteller is.”

- Absolute Noise

"Skatan effortlessly enchants our ears with her theatrical voice and entertaining song structures whilst transforming our minds into a dark Scandinavian forest with magical characters and unpredictable rules."

-We Plug Good Music

"Skatan levererar trolsk musik som får det att pirra i magen och det känns som såväl Tori Amos som Frida Hyvönen och John Bauer skulle kunna vara inspirationskällor."

- Lira Musikmagasin

"En blandning av Jan Johansson och The Band om de haft Karin Dreijer Andersson från The Knife på sång. Musiken är inte helt lätt att beskriva och gör sig, som sig bör, bäst när man lyssnar."

- Smålandsposten

My music has been said to be dreamy, filled with mystery, horror, warmth & hope. It’s been called dark-indie, John Bauer-pop, folk & singer/songwriter.

In August 2010 I released my first album We Are All Children With Different Titles under my own label Creature Sounds. The second album Seven Trees was released in May 2012. During the last couple of years I’ve been out playing, mostly around Gothenburg which is my hometown. I’ve been opening for among others Beach House (UK),  Efterklang (DK), Rebekka Karijord (SWE) & Adam Ficek (US).

In October 2014 I released two singles and in May 2017 Feather Souls Heavy Waters was released followed by Orosmoln in February 2018. Orosmoln was the first Skatan album in Swedish. The latest single Fly was released in april 2021.

I, Simone Wingfors, am the person behind Skatan but I've had the  pleasure to play and arrange my music with many great musicans during the years. Those appearing on recordings are:

Rasmus Blanck Double Bass

Ysolina Munguia Lundin   Guitar

Joel Bille - Drums

Linda Radak - Accordion

Johan Malmstedt - Guitars

Roger Persson - Drums

Fanny Näslund - Guitars

Adrian Åsling - Sopran saxophone

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