I feel your scream

I share your words

I hear your your mind

I speak your thoughts


of the time that we live in

the time that we’re grieving

the time that we love in

in which we seek meaning

of the time that we live in

the time that we’re grieving

the time that we love in

the time that we’re livin in


I feel your sorrow

I share your fear

can taste your horror

and shed your tears


I feel your heartbeat

up against my blame

I hear your footsteps

walking next to shame


I hear the birds

our presence made them scream

forest isn’t breathing

it’s bleeding out in vain



caught sight of me today

a hazy one in an outlined room

got lost within the lines

drawn for me in hazel brown


I tried to stay within

but patterns tend to wander off

been rearranging truth

and reconsider boundaries

and fantasies


It’s difficult to deduce

oneself when sun is sharp

i tend to hide between the walls

symmetric flowers cover me up   


and when the sun falls flat

I lay puzzle of the broken glass

and dress me in a gown

with fragments of the hazel brown


lost it all again

got lost within myself

followed all the loosened ends

got lost inside my brain

lost it all again


got lost within the walls

been walking in slow motion

while world’s spun further gone

been stuck in my own notion


I lost myself in dreams

built optical illusions

suddenly there Is twenty me

which one has my emotions?



today the dark is with me

it flatters all my lies

increasing since this morning

when my eyes were realised

the grip in which it’s got me

is strong and slows my beat

my head aches for my black mind

my soul speaks of misery


sweet misery

you really got a hold on me

please miss agony

let go of me


without me being conscious

my mouth slips words of ill

and even if i don’t want

to hurt your feelings still

i cut your precious sentences

eradicate your will

i set up for a quarrel

i curtail all your thrill

i tend to disagree you

but when you do the same

the water on my cheeks increase

regardless of my will


kiss me silently

embrace me with fake sympathy

this is what i need cause the

dark has got a grip on me

dry my tears gently

don’t ask me for a commentary

there’s nothing more to say than that

distress has settled down in me


it’s hard to understans why

and soon it will be gone

but every now and then

i guess miss agony must come

tomorrow it will lighten

and brightness will arise

inside me and around me

but until then bare with my lies



tried to set eyes on the sun

as that undefined feeling begun

and my breath was taken away

I went numb

my eyes got stuck on the clouds

and  draped my mind into shrouds

and made the shadows appear

on my skin

and the blue blue islands

spread wide and slander

my ego, destroy my will


the small small oceans fill up with my tears

in the consoling forest i hang my thoughts high

building dreams for the future with flesh and wine

though past was forgotten i seek for your smile


memories keep blowing in

the wind caresses my skin

the gentle breeze makes me calm

fall asleep

my body’s embraced by heat

numb by the suns gentle beat

my blood streams rapidly through

i wake up

and the untamed forest

climbs into my cortex

sets root, burst out in ease


in my mind we breath the same air

in my mind i do not care

in my mind i hang my thoughts high

in my mind i do not cry


let our hate and hope belong

let it rest within the spine

for a short while let it go

for a moment in time


let our hate take place

see our fate straight in the face

then let it fade

disappear into thick air


let it be

let it belong


atmosphere is full

granules of our failure

chemically in love

our eyes wide closed to let it remain

to let it belong


let it fall

we follow the path towards downfall



heavy head resting soft

staring eyes yours in mine

desperation of knowing  all

assimilation, afraid to fall


who am I

to you who are

you to me

I fear I know it all too well


but hell

heavy heartbeats

will let us move on

yeah heavy heartbeats

will keep us close to the ground

all covered in moss in may

in the sunset june under april moon

all blind moments just feeling skin

and the softest chin

and them heavy heavy heartbeats

let me stay within


stay put

don't let your feather-soul sweep you along

don't fly off shore

I'm sure I'll try


to be the best

so let us trust in reality

for once let be

and if we fail we’ll have memory


but hell

heavy heartbeats

will let us move on

heavy heartbeats

will keep us close to the ground

all covered in moss in may

in the sunset june under april moon

all blind moments just feeling skin

and the softest chin

and them heavy heavy heartbeats

escaped in actual truth

blueberry blossom and wood sorrel fruit

pine trees reaching tall

we’re laughing beneath them in colors of fall

let me stay within



I’ve seen you tumbling in darkness

you’re walking around like you’re blind

I’ve heard you alone talking backwards

as if you wished to rewind

I’ve tried to, collect all my courage

and walk up to you

to let you discover

that you’re not alone in this world

but as soon as I meet your eyes


I run in another direction

tend to run run run away


I can’t imagine what lays in your future

that makes you so preciously keen

not to let go the past and instead

you continue to play back the scene

where you fall and you roll to your left

and scream “siht rebmemer li”

your eyes are green as the leaves on the trees

but the darkness and horror I see they contain

makes me



he looked at him and he straight back

the architecture where we sat

confirmed my mood

dusky rude


he took a shot and told a joke

about some girl who didn’t cope

i didn’t want to

but understood


and I think it’s dull you just look at each other

I guess it’s cause you’re so called brothers

but if you don’t give me another glimpse or a glance

I’m gonna stand up and do an ugly, ugly dance


I don’t know why I sit with these

buddies sharing memories and fantasies

I’ve never dreamed of


and eventually I find myself

counting on how many words they’ve said to me



I got up, counter swinging

swept a shot, and jumped while singing

folks joined in and all were dancing

shook our limbs and stared them down

© Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

Feather Souls Heavy Waters is an album released on May the third in 2017. It is written, performed, recorded and produced by Simone Wingfors. Fanny Näslund has written and plays the guitar on So Called Brothers.

Photo: Paulina Witte