I saw you and you saw me

and when you closed your eyes

I just started dessecating you

I run slow and you run fast

and whenever I catch up

you tend to shape and change the facts

I try to catch you but you run away

and so I tie you, you slip away

you're just a thought, you ain't concrete

you're in my blood my vain, my soul

my heart, my finger and my feet

when you bring chaos

I try to find control

I love you and you love me

beacuse without each other we wouldn't even be me

I hate you and I guess you hate me

why would otherwise be so undetermined

why would you otherwise be so runafree



You're saying to me you are nervous

and ask me how I can walk around

around as there's nothing dangerous

as all the murders has moved outta town

and you claim that the gypsies will take all your money

and on the bus someone will cut your hair

in the night you'll get raped, robbed and murdered

and you'll be long gone forgotten laying underground

and you are so fooled but I can't blame you

cause I guess that I am just as fooled as you

I stare at the sky as we've made it

clouds coming up from the ground

and the news made you hide behind buckets

afraid that a terrorist will take you to the ground

and they make all these new laws

to make us feel safe or is it to make us feel afraid

cause fear is the greatest power of them all

it can make the most obvious fall

and you are so fooled but I can't blame you

cause I guess that I am just as fooled as you

And we're all gonna die but let's die with some pride

let's not make a slow suicide



You take it and break it

get rid of the pieces make them go away

and then you fake it partake your new self

and lead the old you astray

the forgoing you got lost in dark but will this new costume really get you home at last

a new dress is no more then fabric with altered wavelenghts constructed by pieces from the past

and the ladies got all flattered

when them handsome men

came cruising in their noble suits and fancy cars

then their street got all flattened by them bulldozers

directed by them handsome men puffing on cigars

now the ladies stands mazed with watery eyes

speechless by how handsome suits

'came horrid uniforms

and all they can see are the steady growing clouds

spreading their coldness, aggravate the scars


is something

to someone


All these little gestures you do make everyday

sends signals to those watching

make them deviate or stay

a rejection could be unsought by the one who did the act

while the reciever feels despairing

in worst cases do decay

being misunderstood is a far too common thing

seems after all these years of living

we should have learned how to behave

although behaving is an act, invented only to maintain

the power of the people and the structure of the day



Intention of fire bursting into laughter

adapting the shape of a dandelion

feel the vision of broken old tears into pieces

fly in the forest come run with me

The rythm of footsteps are fucking with my mind

I cant understand it's again and again

naked feet making sounds in salt water

millions of tears reaching the ground

Last night was a funny night

the lights appeared so bright

I can change the colours make them reunite

If I follow the fire in the Norwegian woods

Airy conclusions messing with my mind

won't seem to differ the wrong from the right

the sound of nothing has never been this bright

If i spread my wings i'll block the sun tonight

You followed me into the norwegian woods

searching dandelion of fire in the gloomy forest

I coudn't tell, I was avoiding your grief

that i witnessed it last night, wither


I demolished the sunset

not did I become less loved

you destroyed the television

of a sudden you were scorned

I abused our mother earth

the materialism felt your ire

you were to swallow a lot of shit

while I was honoured to inspire

complexity, fills my mind

allegedly i stand to find

myself decieved

unbelievable what has come

to be surrounding us, everyone

we are blinded cant see straight

pinioned by ourselves



New morning new day

put on a record, swing and sway

dancing in the kitchen to express my way

New sky with new eyes

looking at it all while the sun rises

It's like I'm living my life while all the darkness dies

I'm on the top of the mountain

over you all

I am up high

but soon I will fall

soon I will wake up

'cause it was just another night

on the top of the mountain

in the dream of my life

Trying all the different places

trying all the different faces when i meet with new people

and I've danced on the tram and I've walked down the pavement with the sun in my face

I've watched the girl across the street do her hair in the middle of the night

I've watched the lady in the window

cry for nights

I've watched it all but I've seen nothing

'cause I've been blind trying to find out



Tell her what is going on

what have you done now?

Why did you tear down the sun

why did you darken the blue?

you said go go go

you don't know know know

you said go go go

you don't know

Like a youth picking on it's own strings

While she desperately knocks upon your mind

Like a child running from the real things

While she desperately stomp on ya feet

She don't know what to do

don't know what to think

don't know what to feel

don't know who to hate

so stop the things you do

demonstrate what's true

show her if you're sane

Or if you are a fool

And maybe it's to late

but you can always try

try to change your faith

admit it is a lie,

cause you know damn well

this ain't the real thing

you just couldn't endure

you had to drown the sea & mislead the rain

you had to rip down the stars

hoe the meads and bring the pain

you said go go go

you don't know know know

you said go go go

you don't know

like a youth hiding from it's feeling

While she desperately knocks upon your mind

Like a child running from the real things

While she desperately stomps on ya feet

This ain't the real thing...

© Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

All songs  written by Simone  Wingfors & arranged together with the musicians mentioned below. 

Instruments recorded by Erik Börjeson & Hyrljudets mobile studio. Vocal recording, mixing and mastering by Sven Jansson in Helikopter Studio. 

Musicans are:

Simonn Wingfors - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar

Johan Malmstedt - guitars, glockenspiel

Linda Andersson - accordion, additional vocals

Rasmus Blanck - double bass, trombone

Roger Persson - drums


Photo: Thomas Johansson